The Chief Scientist Unit coordinates agricultural research in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, its main occupation is allocating research funds.
One of the unit’s primary functions is to define the research goals according to the ministry’s policy and act towards their implementation.

In 2020, the foundation approved the funding of the National Center for Genomic Editing in Agriculture for four years of research with a budget of approximately 60 million NIS for research and infrastructure.
The National Center for Genomic Editing in Agriculture began operating in June 2020.

Is a leading innovation company, focused on creating and commercializing transformative solutions to the health, wellness and sustainable development challenges of our time, using its novel Convergence Innovation® platform.

The company collaborates with leading stakeholders worldwide to enable rapid commercialization and embeds Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and animal welfare as core elements in all their initiatives. In addition to its scientific and development capabilities in molecular and data sciences, the company has developed strategic collaborations, including a flagship partnership with the ARO in Israel. Through its operating subsidiaries, HUMINN is at the forefront of the life and earth sciences, including oncology diagnostics, data science, gene-editing, microbiome, and agri-tech. HUMINN is headquartered in New York City, with innovation labs and offices in Israel, New York, New Jersey.

Selected to be the commercial partner of the National Center for Genome Editing in Agriculture, HUMINN will provide its expertise both for the benefit of the center’s activities as well as to support any of the projects included in it.
Each of the projects can enjoy HUMINN knowledge and experience in diverse fields such:

  • Business analysis- potential vs Industry needs assess, review of challenges and opportunities, Identify commercial partnerships, pathways to the market.
  • Analysis of the IP & regulation aspects.
  • Explore Investments and resources.
  • Develop a roadmap for the projects & Mentor product development.

In view of its international connections, HUMINN will support the center with networking, international platforms, promotion for both awareness fund raising.