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Genome editing  opens new venues for generating new livestock varieties.

Six research teams focus on improving industry benefits and farming sustainability in aquaculture, poultry and sheep.

The directions of this group include enhanced fish growth and size, enhancing the female ratio in sheep progenies, and modified varieties of chickens with the ability to reproduce and maintain genetic variation at a much lower cost.

Developing genetically transformed chickens, using genome editing, to solve animal welfare and sustainability issues in agriculture.

Research project 11

Project researcher:
Dr. Yuval Cinnamon

Improved feeding in tilapia and seabream using genome editing.

Research project 12

Project researchers:
Dr. Jakob Biran and Dr. Amir Bitan

Induction of increased growth in Nile tilapia using genome editing.

Research project 13

Project researcher:
Dr. Matan Golan

Accelerating Growth Rates in Tilapia using CRISPR-CAS9 Technology.

Research project 14

Project researcher:
Prof. Berta Levavi-Sivan

Generating a Female Selective Sheep Breed.

Research project 15

Project researcher:
Dr. Eran Gershon