Technologies Group

The main aim of this group is to support the center activity by improving existing technology, generating, and testing new tools and methods.

The research teams focus on designing new sets of vectors, adapting various delivery tools using a tailor-made approach developed. In addition, we operate a technical support desk that helps the different groups of the center with reagents, protocols, and other technical challanges.

Genome editing technology Unit: The tools of genome editing.

Research project 16

Project researcher:
Prof. Avraham Levy

A new approach for pollen transformation via functionalized silica nanoparticles.

Research project 17

Project researchers:
Dr. Guy Mechrez and Dr. Ziv Spiegelman

Genome editing technologies: transformation of recalcitrant plants.

Research project 18

Project researcher:
Prof. Alexander Vainstein

Development of self-excising T-DNA cassette using CPF1 for plants breeding.

Research project 19

Project researchers: Prof. Avraham Levy, Prof. Martin Goldway and Dr. Amir Raz

New tools for transgene excision, using Cas9-FOK1 cleavage to target the T-DNA termini.

Research project 20

Project researcher: Dr. Ben Rimon

New tools for transgene excision, using Cas9 cleavage to target the T-DNA termini.

Research project 21

Project researcher: Amir Sherman

Gene replacement and base substitution: the next generation of non-GM genome edited crops.

Research project 22

Project researchers: Dr. Evgenia Dor and Prof. Avraham Levy

Altering gene expression regulation through targeted epigenetic changes (epigenetic editing).

Research project 23

Project researcher:
Dr. Michal Lieberman-Lazarovich

Genome editing of large gene clusters.

Research project 24

Project researcher: Prof. Yuval Eshed