Transformation centers

One of the main obstacles to genome editing in plants is creating edited and transgene-free plants.

As part of the center activities, we are in the process of establishing a transformation center. Within this Center, highly qualified scientists will maintain and develop transformation (delivery) methods. This facility will provide transformation services of various crops: potato, pepper, wheat, barley, melon, watermelon, cucumber, and fruit trees.

We expect that this transformation center will boost the ability of the Israeli scientific community to create plant products that are genome-edited based.

Solanaceae transformation center

Research project 25

Project researchers:
Dr. Dani Eshel, Dr. Samuel Bocobza,
Dr. Ilan Paran and Dr. Moshe Reuveni

Cucurbits transformation center (CtrC)

Research project 26

Project researcher:
Dr. Ziv Spiegelman and Dr. Yaakov Tadmor

Cereal transformation and genome editing

Research project 27

Project researcher:
Dr. Eyal Fridman

Development of wheat transformation and genome editing tools

Research project 28

Project researchers:
Prof. Amir Sharon, Prof. Itay Mayrose
and Dr. Arava Shatil Cohen

Developing Methods for Genome Editing in Grape and Apple

Research project 29

Project researchers:
Dr. Etti Or, Dr. Leor Eshed-Williams
and Dr. Moshe Flaishman

Transformation center: ornamental plants

Research project 30

Project researcher:
Prof. Alexander Vainstein