Cereal transformation and genome editing
Research project 27
Project researcher: Dr. Eyal Fridman

The cereal transformation team in ARO is developing infrastructure and protocols for transformation and genome editing (GE) of barley and wheat varieties. It also implements and develops ad hoc bioinformatics tools to accelerate the design of genome editing with unique target sites across the barley and wheat genome. Finally, collaboration with engineers is developing automated solutions for hands-free and high-throughput tissue culture in cereals.

This infrastructure and know-how will provide a full suite of GE solutions for Israeli researchers and breeders interested in edited wheat or barley plants in any locus of interest. Current transformation protocols in wheat and barley are suitable for very few cultivars (e.g., wheat cv. Fielder and barley cv. Golden Promise) that are not adapted to Israeli climate. Breeding and tissue culture experimentations are undertaken to find suitable locally-adapted genotypes or adjust current protocols to fit local varieties.

Agrobacterium-mediated transformation and delivery of CAS9/gRNA ribonucleotide protein (RNP) complexes by golden and nano-particles are undertaken to obtain transgene and later transgene-free edited wheat or barley plants. The initial focus is to generate edited barley and wheat genotypes with altered nutrition content and accelerate wild and cultivated allele recombination by genome editing. These activities will allow accelerated breeding of better-adapted varieties with enhanced nutritious value.

Research project 27 - Dr. Eyal Fridman
Barley plants transformed with CAS9 and gRNA targeting riboswitch for metabolic engineering - Volcani Institute
Dr. Eyal Fridman

Dr. Eyal Fridman
Project researcher

Plant Sciences, Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Institute.

Email: fridmane@agri.gov.ill

Phone: +972-3-9683901

Website: Dr. Eyal Fridman

Research areas:

  • Plant environment interactions.
  • Allele mining in crop plants.
  • Plastic translation in changing temperatures.
  • Identification of beneficial wild species alleles and their introduction to modern crops by allele editing.

Research partners:

אורית עמיר-שגב

Orit Amir-Segev
Lab Technician

Email: oritas@volcani.agri.gov.il

Research areas:
Tissue cultures, Graminae transformation.

Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Institute.

Ayelet Kurtz-Son

Ayelet Kurtz-Son
PhD student

Research areas:
Identification of beneficial wild species alleles (QTL mapping) and their introduction to modern crops by allele editing.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.